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Fanchon Shur: testimonial

If I could do a chronology of all of my lovers, in retrospect, it would begin with water
I did go swimming this morning and I spent almost all of my time consciously working on exploring the neck release that I’ve done through my Alexander work which is always extremely surprising to me when I get conscious of it and realize that I have been holding my neck.  Because  breathing in the water is a life and death issue we often sublimate the reflex because of the speed at which we have to deal with breath in the water And then when I release it and my jaw my whole chest reorganizes and everything else As well.   I say wow. And then everything I do with that new process surprises me with its integrity and effortlessness. I wish I could find that magic bullet for everything.
It sure helps make the water my ally.  Fanchon Shur

A.T. and Parkinson’s:

Here’s a new testimonial from one of my students:

“Through Ellen Bierhorst’s Alexander Technique lessons, I am
learning a new way to be still and to move my muscles in a
relaxed and natural way.; This is new for me and my muscles
feel “happy.” I find her instruction also helps
improve my shaky balance which is important to me as I am in
my early 70’s and have Parkinson’s. I have more body
awareness throughout each day which I find grounding and
stabilizing. I’ve not known any of this before and it
sure feels good! 

I definitely give these lessons a “10” out of ten!”

B.G., Cincinnati

FLASH! here is the new animation from AmSAT, the largest professional organization certifying me as a teacher.  … but the other organization, A.T.I. is also good.

The video shows what  you might accomplish through lessons in the Alexander Technique.  Very short.  Give it a go… here.


I am now teaching most lessons in the third floor turret room, “the Zendo”, at left.







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Robert Rickover (a hub person in the Alexander Technique world) has a facebook page: Here and an enormous amount of information here: Click.  He also has a podcast series that is very interesting:  here



  • People wishing to improve their posture.
  • People in physical pain.
  • People wanting to improve their performance, e.g. musicians, athletes, actors… amateur golfers?  Knothole baseball players?
  • People seeking a human growth and fulfillment experience; people seeking stress reduction.
It must be experienced; you can’t get it in words.
Interesting pod cast series on the Alexander Technique: here 


  • Loose fitting clothes that allow free movement.  Jeans are not good.
  • We remove shoes in the foyer at the Lloyd House (except when medically necessary).


  • Always comfortable, pleasant, non invasive, never painful.
  • You lie for par of the time on the bodywork table, getting the “Aaaaahh” experience fro the teacher’s hands laid gently on head, arms, legs…
  • Lessons can be 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Lessons are often scheduled weekly in the U.S., just because that is what people expect, however, the Alexander Technique is a doorway into a new state of being, psychologically and physically.  So it is best to have multiple lessons in a week at first, until you  “get the hang of it”.


  • My “regular” fee is $78 per half hour lesson.  HOWEVER, because I am zealous to spread the technique, and because nobody could know how valuable lessons can be until they have experienced at lease a few, I offer a special introductory deal for anyone who has never had lessons…
  • First lesson is FREE to all students who have never had private one-on-one lessons.
  • Second, third, and fourth lessons are each $10.
  • After the fourth lesson, the student may choose to buy a series of four lessons, paid in advance, and receive a discount if needed.
  • AND… EVERY SUNDAY WE HAVE A FREE, OPEN PRACTICE SESSION for any teachers, students, or simply the person who is curious.  Always at 3:45.  Ends at 4:30.  Usually have one to three teachers, one to five students.  A fabulous bargain!



M.G.G., age 68, has Parkinson’s Disease: “Through Ellen Bierhort’s Alexander Technique lessons, I am learning how to move with relaxed muscles. This is a new way of moving for me and it’s like my muscles now feel “happy” when I move. I also find her instruction helps me to improve my balance, which is really important for me.  I also experience greater body awareness throughout each day. I find these experiences healing.”

Regine, my “Poster Child” student: born 1926

Recovering from a bout of pneumonia that had her doubled over coughing so hard, Regine started lessons in August 2009.  I always make a photo of beginning students:

She came every week for lessons and did her lie-down (Constructive Rest or “semi-supine position”) daily.
After just 3 months her progress was so exciting we did another pair of photos:
She was uncurling like a fern growing up from a fiddle head.
 (I have no idea why the software cut off her head here.?)  Can you see how much younger she looks?
 These last two were from December, 2011.  She had stopped the dramatic uncurling progress (there is a 30 year old crushed vertebrae to contend with) but now the excitement was over her shoulders.  When she first started, she had one stiff shoulder and one “frozen shoulder”… couldn’t raise her arm anywhere near horizontal or shoulder height, let alone over her head.  One day, during the lesson, it suddenly just released.  Now she can reach plates on upper shelves in her kitchen, wind her grandfather clock, etc. etc.  Amazing!
~~~ ~~~

My Alexander Teaching Room at the Lloyd House as it was in 2009

My Journey to Become an Alexander Technique Teacher

In a daring move, I began training as an Alexander Technique teacher when I was 66.  I just couldn’t not do it.  Now, in the summer of 2009, I have just completed the three year intensive training and am having a wonderful time seeing many people for lessons.  In the interests of seeing as many students as possible I am offering ridiculous low rates.* This is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up if you have ever had an interest in the technique.  Probably by Thanksgiving or before, I’ll be raising the fee. My schedule has been completely booked since graduating and offering this great deal, so if you want to take advantage of it, you may have to wait.
If you  have never heard of the amazing Alexander Technique, it is good for aches and pains of the muscles, good for over all health, good for posture, good for artistic performance, good for athletic performance, and good for your psychology, whether you issue is stress, worry, time management, clutter control, … the list goes on.  You can read introductions to the technique at many, many websites around the world.  Two of my favorites are :   and  .  Below, a link to some of my own writings on my path to becoming a teacher and my thoughts about the technique.
Call me up and schedule a small budget lesson!*  Ellen Bierhorst 513 221 1289

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