Photography… by Gregory Thorp, by Ellen, and Others

Gregory Thorp, professional photographer extraordinaire, has been my good friend for more than 40 years.  Over time he has shared some of his gorgeous work in digital form and I always scarfed it away on my computer.  Here’s my trove.  Click Here.

And I just now (11/1/13) discovered, thanks to google, this treasure of Gregory’s Cincinnati Union Terminal mosaics photographs.  Wow!  Click Here.  Enjoy!

Oh and more; “Rivers Run Past”… with photography by Gregory HERE

And now I find more Gregory Thorp photos aboard the FDNY Fireboat 343… click HERE.

Ah…and  two photos from the memorable exhibit of gravestone words at the Carl Solway Gallery HERE.

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Most mornings I take a walk at sunrise to Mt. Storm Park at the end of Lafayette Avenue.  A time of prayer, meditation, of ‘working on myself’ in the manner of the Alexander Technique.  In the last several years I have taken my camera along, and when what I see rings the bell for me, I try and capture it.  

Morning Prayers:

Prayer in the Morning

2/28/11 Monday


I ask for the gift of abstinence; may I follow my food plan with joy and ease today.

Help me to remember that my neck and body are not responsible for holding up my head.  My head is supported from heaven and my neck and body are free to lengthen and widen.

Help me to remember to pause in the endless tide of intentions and of reactions, so that calm consciousness can coalesce here with my body.

I have time to live my life with poise and ease today. 

My responsibility is only to follow Guidance in this moment, and not to manage the outcomes in all my life.  The Past and the Future are on You — so I am light as a feather, free as a bird.


8/16/12 Prayer for Connection


I am here; teach me to know thee, Sentience of the Earth.

I give my awareness.  Give me thy healing.

Love I give thee; give me then grace.

To thee my life; from thee, breath.

Blessed be!

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Here, in a Picassa Album (note- slow to load) is my collection as of August, 2012.

Click Here  for the Lafayette Avenue art photos by Ellen.  … You may have to sign up for a Google account in order to view these.  Sorry.

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