Residential Spaces Shared at the Lloyd House

We generally have three residential housemates plus myself, Ellen.  Spaces are:

  • The Master Suite:  two large rooms with pocket doors between.  Each has a gas fireplace.  Also attached are an enormous bathroom with a large washing machine, and a sleeping porch (unheated).  Occupant shares kitchen on 3rd floor with two other housemates.
  • The Africa Suite:  two medium size rooms on the third floor off the “Zendo” turret room.
  • Second floor North West: 15′ x 15′ bedroom with adjoining bathroom.  Gas fireplace.

Large room with big bathroom adjoining (private), gas fireplace, huge windows; second floor.  This BIG (15 room/ 5 1/2 bath) Victorian stone castle is shared by friendly host Ellen and 3 other adults.  All utilities AND hi speed internet provided.  Room is furnished but you may use your own furn. instead.  You share a kitchen on the third floor with the other 3 housemates ( there are 2 refrigerators… 2 persons per frig.)  Laundry in the basement.  Shared spaces include: veranda w/ Hatteras hammock and chiminea, formal dining room that seats 14, music/living rm w/ grand piano, hi-fi, guitar, hand drums etc., yoga room in turret.  Off street parking.  Especially congenial, multicultural ambience.  Hardwood floors.  Inclinator (like an elevator) goes to second floor.  House dues:  the share of taxes and utilities is approximately $525/month includes utilities, WiFi.  Photos HERE

30 min walk to bus; 45 min walk to U.C.  25 min walk to Cinti State.  Phone Ellen: 513 221 1289.


All rooms are furnished, however housemates are free to use their own furniture instead.  To see Photos of the single room on the second floor, – click here:  2 NW grp